Chloe is also an art teacher, Arts Award advisor and Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) in art, with over 15 years' experience in running creative sessions for children within a variety of mediums. She has completed projects across whole schools, led community projects and planned art curriculums; ensuring progression across all year groups. She has also led CPD inputs and school INSET days for staff.

“My motivation and enthusiasm for art comes from the pure desire to give children the opportunity to be creative and express themselves and learn new skills that are relevant to all aspects of their future development. By discovering and exploring the world around them, children become problem solvers, decision makers, collaborators and develop perseverance and confidence in doing so, all of which is essential to their development.”

“As a teacher, I learn as much from the pupils' response to subjects as they learn from me; we all have something to share and can all help one another to see the world from a different and unique perspective. Any pupils who find academic subjects difficult to excel in, struggle with their social development or those who are simply curious about the world are encouraged to look at life in a different way and learn about the diversity around them."

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